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Only Customer2Contractor sends your voice message to local contractors in your area. In your own voice.  In your own words. Customer2Contractor is a telephone-based system that allows you to send potential contractors a detailed message about your home improvement project.

Voice is better!

Better for Customers:

Multiple studies have proven that voice communications are more precise, clear and effective than email.  A phone-based system allows you to leave detailed instructions for potential contractors—and for them to leave detailed questions for you.  It shortens the process of finding your ideal local contractor.

This article in the Harvard Business Review explains what we all instinctively know: Voice is better!

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Better for Contractors:

As a contractor you know that the more information you have, the better you’re able to estimate a job or answer questions about a project.  And the quicker you can get to work!  That’s the beauty of this new system.  Customers talk to you!  They explain what they need.

Studies show that voice works better in everything from appointment reminders to voter mobilization!  It’s a fact.  Voice is better!

Don’t Send That Email. Pick up the Phone!

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